Noob here

I find the site fascinating, it has a lot of good information, and it provides simple solutions to a big problem. After doing a little bit of research I am not 100% sure if I could pull this off in my environment. However 5 July is coming where we have to pick up all the trash left by the partiers on the beach.  I see this as a good way to test the theory of this because I will have a huge access to resources just lying around needing to be picked up. I have access to a paper shredder that can do CDs I am not sure if this one is able to be converted or not. There is so much good information here. But for someone looking a dabbling per say there is SO MUCH information here.

any good hacks to this to try this as a proof of concept is welcomed.


there are some remarks on instructables

Looks like what you have is a strip cut. It may still be useful. If possible, I would reassemble it and take a HDPE bottle (milk jug, shampoo, etc.) and cut a large flat side out of it and feed it into the shredder and see how it does. If you are just starting to experiment with melting plastic, you don’t need small pieces.

For the beach party trash, unfortunately a lot of the PET beverage containers are probably best to avoid since that material is hard to deal with. The caps can be useful. Starting out I would work with HDPE (2), LDPE (4), and PP (5).