Oceanic Garbage Patch

Hello, My name is Robert, I am from around the Louisville, Ky area. I am not a machinist nor an engineer, I have however worked for a couple different plastic companies in the past, not currently though. Through my experience there, a lot of research I have done on plastic recycling, and research on plastic pollution, I wanted to propose some ideas to the general community hoping that someone may have the knowledge, skills, and resources to go further then I myself could with this.
1st Please do a Wiki Search on “Great Pacific garbage Patch” and you will find what this topic is about.
2nd My ideas.
We live in a drone age, we have drones fighting in our wars, capturing current events for our media sources, and our kids play with them. Why can we not make drones to help comb out ocean of debris?
This site already has the answer for what to do with the plastic debris after collected.
A good question to ask though would be, how would one separate all the plastic?
Idea #2
Different plastics have different densities.
Density can be altered with variations in temperature and pressure.
Centrifuges are used to separate liquids/solids according to their density. So why couldn’t a centrifuge be built to separate plastics, or even the chemicals in plastics to help overcome the issues around recycling mixed plastics?
The big picture,
Build a mobile floating recycling center and some drones, launch the drones to comb for plastic and bring it back to the center, use the center to recycle the plastic into materials to build more drones, repeat.
The small goal, to be able to reach enough recycled plastic mats to significantly reduse  the amount of new plastic production.
Larger goal, curing our Earth’s lungs of it’s current state of emphysema.

I know these ideas are presented in a rough way, and would be a huge task to achieve, which is why I am reaching out for help in putting it together.
It is my belief that if the community as a whole can look back and see how far it has come, it can catch a glimpse of how far it can go.