Off grid plastic recycler trash incinerator


I want to build a machine that uses burnable garbage to help supply energy to melt plastic & Styrofoam into blocks &/or pavers. I want to be able to use all kinds of plastic, unwashed. I want the machine to capture any & all fumes & put them into the final product. 0% toxin release from both the burning garbage & the melting plastics.

So far I have a lot of trash saved up. LOL!

I did get part of this idea from a video I cant find again. Was Eastern Europe & they were adding all kinds of plastic & sand into a mixer/melter. A glop would come out & then they would press the glop of mix in a huge press into a paver looking thing.

This unit I’d like to build would be used for small batch recycling. Save up trash & plastic for awhile & then fire up the incinerator (rocket stove type). Add all the plastics & sand. Maybe then peddle to mix. Open a port on the bottom, out comes the mix into a form. Then stand on a lever to press it. Low or no power requirements.

Most the complexity is in the toxin capture. I think using water that’s evaporated off to reclaimed the toxins is how I’d go about it. Like a bong. The water from 1 batch might get boiled off by the next batch maybe. Not sure if the steam would be toxic.

Just throwing this idea out there. You guys all the queens & kings of plastic recycling. Thanks for all you do!


Where are you located?  Have you had any luck with the machine concept?  We produce all sorts of PE, EPE, and PU also EPS as scrap from offal from our produciton.  We’d love to find a source for this scrap and your idea seems prime for that.

Hi Guda,

Glad too see you making an effort I believe the machine you’re talking about is a plastic densifier? It uses any plastics the product is made up of 50% cooking oil and the remaining 50% is 40% plastic (I’ve used all different sorts no cleaning or sorting required ) and 10% styro.

Now burning plastic to heat I’ve not tried trying to filter all that air might be a few issues, The machine that i use current is a solar panel electric hot plate quite a large one. as well as a barrel heater (essentially an electric heat blanket) that wraps around the a 55 gallon drum! I use this machine to make plastic cinder blocks for retaining walls for local community gardens.

When i was first experimenting with this I had varying results with fumes the process is you heat the oil too about 180 degrees Celsius  and then start adding you’re material I found i had the best results adding all the plastic first and then the styro once the plastic was melted. The entire process doesn’t create much fumes until you try and pour the material but i found that is more of a burning issue so regulation of temperature really helps I have a tap at the bottom of the 55 gal and an actuator that keeps the product mixing.

I hope this helps you if you have any more questions or need some help please let me know

Thanks Dylan.