Online shop – shredded plastic

Hello out there!

Currently, I am trying to find sources for the parts for the shredder I will build, however I soon realised that with a shredder alone, I cannot do much. Shreddered plastic looks and feels nice for sure, but just to have it standing around is not worth spending multiple 100$. So the one possibility is to build at least a second machne to turn the flakes into something.
But the other possibility, that came to mind was this:
Sell the recycled plastic for a fair price (Energy cost and a bit of working time + a tiny fraction machine cost) sort of like in an online shop and ship it out to people who then create stuff with it

A few pro’s:
+ People who want to design things can focus on the other three machines and don’t need to build their own shredder.
+ More people can get started with preciousplastic, because it gets more affordable
+ I can use my shredder more efficiently
+ This could also be an idea for a business plan for PP 3.0

So what do you think of this idea?
Also, if you are potentially interested in buying pre-shredded plastic, please reply, send me a private message just so I can see, if there is a potential market for this at all. 😀


Hey @flo-2
I’ve posted a request for exactly this in other threads.

I have an injection mold, but not time to source recycled materials. I’m very interrested in buying your plastic.
Mainly PP and PE, color sorted and shredded to size roughly around 3-4 mm^2. Quality has to be good; i.e. no dirt, labels, stickers, glue and nice and dry.

If you can deliver, i’m ready to buy.

Hi Jiska, I’m from Zwolle and have mastered the shredding part already… If you need shredded HDPE or PP I can help…

PM me for more info…

Hi! I would be very interested in buying sheddered plastic from you to use for a design project.

Are you still working on this?

@wecantecycleni Thanks! Well, not really, a few people have shown interest in the past, but my shredder wasn’t built back then, now I hve the tools but interest seems to be gone :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yes, I’m looking forward to it (already seen some stuff, really really amazing! Huge thumbs up!).

Dear Flo, look like you’re reading our minds…
Keep tuned for v3 😀

Did you get much feed back? I think your idea is awesome and hope people buy from you


great ! if you need some kg of chopped plastic send me a Private Message