Open source machines from dddmaterial

Hi guys

we are developing open source machines and we want to share like dave our open source drawings, videos, downloadable files and tutorials on how to build and program industrial extruders, haul-off machines and winding machines. (Machines which are mainly needed for 3D Printer Filaments)

Haul-Off Machine Tutorial:

Winding Machine Tutorial:

Professional Extruder:

Professional Extruder Tutorial Part 1 – Basic Overview:

I hope that our files can help you all!

Best regards!

WOW awesome project @dddmaterial! Thanks for sharing that here, for sure very helpful! It’s like our big brother extruder 🙂
I’m going to take some time and have a very good look at it.

@sharma-sagar, web archive has a snapshot here. If you search ‘Peterwerth Export & Import Sales e.K.’ you will find more but apparently the business is dead – like so many – plastic related entrepreneurs 🙁

Anyone knows how to contact @dddmaterial ?

Can’t open the link, please help. I’m into the winding machine tutorial.

Thank you dave! 🙂 I will publish the next tutorial part about the extruder on Monday, 14th november on our blog with a detailed list of all needed material. Just let me know if you have any questions. And the community here as well! If you guys have any questions now or in any future updates of my tutorials. Just ask me here or send me a message.