OpenSource 3D Printer Experiences

I have only recently started looking more deeply into Precious Plastics when we discussed the excessive amount of plastic packaging used in supermarkets. What I find most exciting about the path PP and Dave are suggesting is the potential to create synergies with the 3D-printing/additive manufacturing “industry” or technology. It seems absolutely feasible and intended to create the input resource, namely filament, with Dave’s machines. However, a 3D-printer is not among the “magic quadruple” of machines he suggests, designed and opened up for the public.

Does anyone in here know of or has used plans to build an OpenSource model of a 3D-printer?



Hi Jofrewo,

I’m not entirely sure but I think an open source 3d printer already exists. It’s called the Reprap. Many companies essentially copy and resell the design under various names. I have an Anet A8 which is a rep rap variant. It’s pretty good for $200. I would love to make my own filament. Not sure if I answered your question. Cheers!