Order shredder parts [Netherlands]


I can make the shredder in a kit, see mij site


To sell the shredder 2.0 at a competitive price, it is necessary then to create multiple items at once. For this I created a subscription list which you can also choose to become involved. This means that there a longer delivery time is up!
If I have at least 25 entries than I can offer the shredder in spare parts for € 275, = p / p. shipping will then still be at. Once the registration is closed there must also be paid, I put everything in motion and you have the items with ca4 weeks at home.


Hi, im interested!

But on your website you charge 350 and not 275 Euro.




Sent you mail as well.

I’m in for a mixed set!
I think its strong enough to shred HDPE bottlecaps for a few projects.

You’ve got mail

Thanks Chris

Yap, thanks @jerzeek 🙂

@christopher, if you are SUUPER QUICK, I might still be able to add your set(s).

The options are:
1) Mixed set for 80€
(This means: 5mm parts will be stainless steel and 3mm + 6mm parts will be normal steel)
2) Stainless steel set for 227€
(completely stainless)

+ shipping (around 30€)

If you want to join, I need to know your choice and shipping address + invoice address ASAP! (email: mail@katharinaelleke.com)

@katharinaelleke is doing an amazing job at bringing people together who would like to build a shredder!

The main topic is here, i think im the only dutchy ordering, so the shipping will be a bit more expensive than germans.

They just finished a new round of ordering, so i guess you have to wait for a bit i guess…

Greets, Jerry

His price of 275 is based on a quantity order of 25 units.