Other types of shredders

just sitting here thinking about other machines a person could use as a plastic shredder I’m basing my ideas off of using HDPE from milk jugs and DEF fluid jugs
Had 2 ideas in mind
one was useing a meat grinder with a custom great
or a garden shredder
wondering on your guys thoughts

I saw somebody using a garden shredder but the ones I looked at don’t look suitable, though I had one years ago that I think would have been good. So I wait to see what others say as I should think there is a brand that has the blades set up in an appropriate way for this.

More pics

I went out and got my hands on a few different strip cut paper shredders, of various sizes. Took them apart to understand the mechanisms inside. Most shredders are specifically designed for one type of material made with the cheapest parts . This means that the motors in them are barley powerful enough for their intended purpose. (Planned  obsolescence )  They also have built in duty cycles, sometimes a 5 min operation will take 20 mins to cool the heat sensors. Here are some pics of the mechanics at work inside.

We purchased 3 shredders with different kinds of blades in our quest to shred plastic before we found this site. None of these were successful and we actually blew the motors up on two of them.


We also killed 2 household blenders (tried with and without water) and an officeworks CD shredder (I actually thought this was going to work but it just clogged constantly)



Hey re404
i ll try it what I get home and post a video if I can

No idea, but I’d really like to see what happens when you put plastic inside a meat grinder…

That change of device application change would lead to carbon reduction in 2 sectors at the same time!

Somebody willing to try and make a video?

A vegetarian.


Depends on the shredder I expect, the ones I have had tighten up so no gap at all and the blade ran against a sacrificial aluminium block. I think the heavy duty ones have multiple blades and really shred to small pieces as opposed to lumps.

A non modified garden shredder would not work as the gaps between the rotating knife and the fixed knife are far to big for plastic. But you probably will be able to use it’s motor (generally ~2500W, ~50rpm) to use  with the PP-Shredder. In this case be sure it’s a “silent shredder”.