Our wooden shredder on 220V SHRED 'N MOLD

We finally fully finished our shredder (it took us about a year :D). We used an 220V electric engine and an BEKVÄM kitchen cart from IKEA.

220V because…
…we want to be able to shred on every location where we can find a power plug. The machine is not SUPERSTRONG, but is able to shred most kinds of plastics with a little help.

Kitchen cart because…
… we don’t know how to weld. But, we had to make it stronger by using steel sections. So it’s a bit heavy now :P.

The wooden boxes are used for storage and to collect the flakes.

You guys did a great job. Now I have a few options to figure out how to do my shredder.

That shredder frame looks gorgeous, congratulations 🙂

@elizabethpoll The motor seems to be 1 1/2HP which is not enough. My recommendation is to get either a 220v 3HP+ monophase motor, or a 2HP+ triphase motor.

Suuuuper nice shredder!
Always love to see existing products being used for the machines – makes it another bit easier for everyone to build them (as they can easily copy this trick) 🙂

Good one with the kitchen cart, so now you have a mobile version on top!
Doesn’t it move a lot while shredding though?

I have no knowledge of motors and need help. Would this motor work for the shredder? It looks like it’s missing something. Please help.

Look neat! Does the shredded plastic falls directly into the container underneath?