PERU HIGHLANDS Social Responsability Programs

Hi, everyone. I’m currently studying a Mining Engineering Bachelor at PUCP( Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú).Let me introduce, the peruvian mining industry which is commonly in highlands has a budget to develop Social Responsability Programs. These programs exist to maintain good relationships with communities who almost everyone despitely don’t have good education, don’t speak English, don’t have plenty time (farmer duties) and are poor. It would be a great idea to apply Precious Plastic project taking into account the previous information in these communities. Specifying, I suggest that the mines cover with machinery and infrastructure. In addition, the mining industry I’m talking about is which sustainable development is applied. If you have any advice, please please let me notice.
PD: It also could applied to cities that are near to the mine.


Love the photo. I’d be smiling with quinoa plants that big. 😉