PET drying cabinet

It occurs to me that PETE is one of the most abundant and easily recyclable plastics there are, but that as far as I’m aware, no-one has addressed the fact that PETE absorbs moisture easily, and loses strength if extruded while still holding water. As such, I think making an affordable version of the industrial drying method would be advantageous to getting higher-quality plastic out of recycling efforts. I have some information detailed here: Trouble with moisture | Details |
I’ll be working on the design for it over the next week or so, but it seems that a similar device would be wise to implement into Precious Plastics


Another option would be IR drying, this I haven’t done much research into, and I’m not sure about how viable it’d be to construct myself. It’s apparently considerably faster and more energy-efficient.

Any further updates? 🙂

Ah, sorry to have taken so long to reply. I’ve moved from that to using a vacuum chamber. At high vacuums, water’s boiling point rises, and it takes less energy to remove the moisture from things. The technique has a long history of use, and I’m just working on getting things airtight enough to work

How is the project going ? ‘