Greetings from Ecuador!

This is my first post and is an open question:

Can we’re able to create PET filamente with the extruder?

Just like this:



Entiendo mezclan el PET con PC (policarbonato) o con alto impacto.
Por favor si tenés más información compartila.
Gracias, saludos, Diego.

Hi Equador,

To be honest, I’m not sure.
I gave it a try with one of the prototype machines, but it was difficult.
If I’m right the temperature was set 230, but it was a small temperature band between solid and fluid like water. so hard to get a a nice string out off the nozzle.
Another thing could have been, I shredded food containers and petbottles, so it were very thin flakes. So I was wondering perhaps the fitting of the drill (extruder shaft) and barrel was not precise enough. So it was to hard to build up any pressure.
Need more experiments……

Regards Kees