PET Flakes

Does any one have a idea about if we could produce PET flakes and sell onto larger producers? (I assume there would be a market price for this kind of commodity material?)

This way we could setup small unites that will directly chip/flake all the PET bottles and it could easier be send onto a more efficient downstream production.
By doing this we make most possible impact with least possible work and might even be able to break even financially (Not losing too much money trying to help the environment)

I am thinking to setup “PET Flaking” on small turist islands in Indonesia where there is problems with the waste from the turist them self as well as what is washing up on shore.

Indonesia have 250 million people, they drink a lot of water from PET bottles and my guess would be less than 5% of the bottles would be recycled.

Any ideas?


You can try this site
One thing to keep in mind is if you want to sell plastic, people buy it in granules not flake and will want it to be of highest quality.