PET plastic rope – we need plastic & advice!

Hello everyone, myself and Sue Yee (Version 4 volunteers) are working on the Dutch Design Week event that we are holding on the 20th ‘A Day In The Workspace’. One idea that we are currently testing is creating a rope machine to make PET rope, has anyone had any experience with this and have any tips??

We are also going to need a large amount of PET plastic bottles. If anybody knows where to source a large amount or can donate some to us in Eindhoven that would be great!


Hey @Charlotte !

U using a “bottle cutter” ? What type of process are you thinking ?

I have been experiencing different outputs w/ bottle-cut PET bottles;
What i noticed is the following : dehydrating it makes it VERY hard and retracts it self quite
(we tried to transform some into a lamp using a metallic base cf photos _which got totally bend_)

What i also noticed is that you “always” have an inner & outer side on the rope; when heated for dehydration, the 2 sides are really empasized. (outer being very smooth and inner being rough)

hope it helped a bit !

ps : what type of usage are you thinking with PET like that ?


How is it going so far?
Do you know yarn is made out of PET?
Its is called POY, PTY,PSF etc.
We recycle these yarns.
We make a product that is called polyester popcorn or polyester densified material
This can be easily converted to rope.
I will be willing to donate same (no money involved)
let me know if required

Those pet bottle videos are pretty impressive.  Very simple basic concept yielding what, if sufficiently braided, could be a very heavy duty rope.  Don’t trust that king of random guy though.  All his stuff is too clean and too dewalt.  Trust clean makers about as much as thin chefs.

I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit going down the pinterest rabbit hole.  I’ve dabbled in weaving plarn rope.  (Plastic + yarn = plarn)  It’s a very macaroni art class of crafting.  That’s not to say some products aren’t remarkable but they LOOK like they use old plastic bags.  Doesn’t matter if it took you 80 hours to weave that rug, if it looks like it’s made of garbage noone will pay you for your time.  And that needs to be considered.

The notion of going after rope making seems like a piece of the right direction.  Simple effective utilitarian products carry a common sense weight.  I’d like to see us generate things every remotely handy person uses.  Things like 2×2’s, 2×4’s, 4’x8′ sheet stock, threaded rod, rope, something tarp like, and a heavy fabric.  Let folks come up with what applications they may.  Give undeniable value and it’s not garbage, it’s a resource. string direct from the bottle?

This author make good PET ropes and cables: Как сделать крепкую веревку из пластиковой бутылки - How to make rope from plastic bottles diy - YouTube

my mum used to make her own rope for tassel making using a device ive attached. it takes multiple threads on each hook and whilst twisting them then twists them all together into a rope (hope that makes sense). i dont know if this could be implemented using multiple extruders all working together to makes stands simultaneously.

I’ll be coming on the 20th, with some of my inventory…… I’ve got too much PET plastic bottles in my basement.

I saw this title with great interest as I also just started considering how to make rope. But from the pictures I think my idea is different. Are you just twisting the cut bottles together?

I was considering trying to weave multiple strands from the extruder to make a thicker and very strong rope.