Pirhana Clamp mold group buy

I got a guy willing to do the pirhana clamp molds here in the Philippines.


is there a interest in a group buy?


Deadline end of January this month.


Hey @btmetz I’m interested!

What material is the mold made out of?
What kind of price point?
Is shipping to the USA costly?

I have machining capability.  In house CNC Plasma, lathe, shears, hydraulic bender, 100 watt co2 laser, MIG and TIG welding.  I can outsource fiber Laser, Waterjet and CNC bending.


Steel is cheaper to make but higher for shipping than aluminum, but with steel I can TIG a stainless 1/4 npt nipple on the mold to make it simple to attach to the injection molder.
Ill run a sample batch I guess and see what happens in the bazaar


Steel or Aluminum shouldn’t matter too much since they can both take the heat. The factor most people would be concerned with is price.

It doesn’t look like too many people are hopping on the group buy although if a batch were made I’m sure they could be sold over time on the bazaar.

For molds I found a cool machining site that please can get quotes from…

I don’t think I can join in because international shipping will be too costly especially if it’s just us on the order sadly to say.

I am also looking at steel for the mold.  What size would you like?  If I water jet this or laser it I can get a much better price than sending out for machining.


3 piece mold with registration pins and M8 or m10 bolts to hold shut.


1/4 inch npt connection.  Not sure male or female?


Also possible runners to make 2 in one shot?


I wont be able to do the nice corners like the original or engraving text though.


I am also looking at cutting some other types of basic hardware molds on the CNC plasma here.  I have a sheet of 12mm steel plate to use up.



Material is T6 Aluminum, I can DHL or Airmail it.


I do not have a price yet as I dont know how many pieces people will order.


The biggest expense if doing a small order is all the running around here in Manila traffic.  Material comes from downtown Manila, and the Machining is on the far south side.  I am on the far north east side. of town.