Plastic additives

Has anyone looked into fillers for plastics to create furniture or for building?


Do not really know what you mean.

But if you are thinking of additives that make the recycled plastic stronger, then the Swedish company Nexam has developed just that, but they probably mostly turn to large industries.

So while looking into another thread, I found a few things that can be added- CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) can be added in even small amounts to add a lot of strength-  This is a paper from Iran, so I hope most can see it- but it tests 1, 3, &5% CaCO3 with HDPE and it shows the strength improvement.

Plastic + clay is good too-
This is a paper from Iraq where they are making pipes.

Wood fiber seems to be a good choice, too- there’s a wiki about it.

All of these would require the shredded waste to be processed in the extrusion tool, and pelletized before using it.

Finding the Youtube channel of this group has really interested me, and made me thing.