Plastic back to oil


I see allot of cool posts about recycling plastic into usefull things like 3d printer fillament. But there is a thing I saw a while ago and I was curious what you of the forum where thinking about it.

Basicly it’s a machine that turns plastic back into ‘oil’. While it’s not crude black oil it still burns. If you refine it you could power your car with it or in it’s crude form right out of the machine you could power a oil lamp with it.

Here are some links to it:


Have seen that before, however at that time it was always fake and turned out that it didn’t work. But perhaps they have made it happen. I’ll dive into it a bit. Interesting stuff

I myself also thought it was a hoax. Allthough it’s cool I don’t know if this is something for you Dave since the focus of your project is to recycle plastic into filament. This just turns its back to fuel.