Plastic bags are a bigger problem than solid plastic

plastic bags are a bigger problem than solid plastic items
mostly because they are as good as impossible to shred
my question is: how to recycle plastic bags ?
will they melt in the extruder ?
even if not cleaned 100% ?
the extruder produces a lint of plastic material
which can then be rolled around some kind of support (like in your video)
this could be a piece of rebar (preferably galvanised)
one could make posts this way to fence a meadow
even the imperfection of the windings around the rebar could be good for nature as it might invite and allow insects to colonise these posts
or even plants, which could diminish UV influence and deterioration
another issue that I have not seen addressed,
is that of the difference between thermoharding and thermoweakening plastics (not sure if these are the right words)
maybe a mixture of thermoharding and thermoweakening plastics, even if not 100% clean, around a piece of galvanised rebar, could be used to make nice, longlasting landposts ?
might be a silly idea, considering possible toxicity of the plastics


Hi Frank,

We experimented with plastic bags (they are hard to shred, because they are to thin).
Clean them as good as possible, place them in a oven (150 C.) let them shrink for a while and then shred them. The shredder has more grip on them now.
It’s a shame thin foil plastics are not always coded, not always sure witch type of plastic it is. So I kept them separate and made a spinner or candle holder of it.
Because of the mixed plastics and a lot of paint on the shopping bags not recycable for a 2nd time, but will not blow around in the wind anymore.

regards Kees