Plastic Bags

When you visited Ghana, did you try to recycle the water satchets? I don’t know if they would really grind, but perhaps shred? I’m curious how you would adapt your machines for something like that.

And then of course there is the sheer volume in question! What did you think when you were there?


Haven’t tried recycling, but indeed there are lots of those water bags! They could definitely be recycled, its a matter of getting started.

Plastic bags can also be shredded using Dave Hakkens shredder design, but if you’re only insterested on shredding plastic bags, you might just buy a cheap paper shredder for $30 and customize it like this:

Is there a way to recycle them too? Recycle services say they “clog” their machines. I may have missed it but would love to have a way to recycle them. And maybe make “real” shopping bags from them.