Plastic Cart Wheels

I have an idea to create wagon or cart wheels using tubeless bicycle wheels by extruding plastic into the air space of the tire. The idea is replace the air in the tire with extruded plastic and still keep the rim, spokes and bearings intact.
This should create a durable solid wheel that would be perfect for carts, wheel barrows and wagons. Personally, I want to use them on my chicken and rabbit tractors which will vary in weight from 100 – 1000 lbs. depending on size and building materials.
Wheels are available at Lowes and Amazon $50 and up for each wheel.
(Here is a link to picture.
Using recycled extruded plastic as well as repurposing old bicycle tires should make this a win-win project.
Any thoughts? Is this idea too crazy?


Interesting. I’m not sure the tires would make a good mold. If you have the rims, one option might be to make the plastic tires in sections and bolt them on. That way you don’t even need an extrusion machine and just make a press mold. One advantage would be that you can make them as wide as you need.