Plastic Collection Points

Dear Dave and friends, I’m fairly new to this community, but I was wondering if there already exists something like local PPCP’s (Precious Plastic Collection Point)? I think that a lot of people would be willing to contribute to this project by bringing their plastic to a place nearby. Please let me know if it already exists or that I should be thinking of a way how to set it up?


I don’t think it already exists, at least not to my knowledge. But it sure is an important thing to look at when setting up a workshop. How are you going to get your raw material? It’s one of the things we’re working on with Faro360 as well…

How do others do this? Are you mostly just using your own waste and experimenting with the machines? Are there bigger projects that process more waste? How do you organize the supply chain?

The idea sounds good. But I guess it depends on what business model you choose…

Say you want to reward people who bring you waste. Then you can either rely on trust, and/or on a machine that weighs the waste, or you can employ someone who welcomes ‘suppliers’, give them the reward and sorts the waste (but that suggests you handle A LOT of waste).

If you’re not willing to pay for your raw material, I guess a few bins in strategic places are enough. You could even set a partnership with a restaurant/snack/theater that has a lot of the same waste (I’m thinknig of cups, straws and plastic bottles that often don’t even get sorted): they can add an extra bin for plastic collection that you only need to empty when it’s full.

These are just my ideas.

Well, this should be a ‘companion map’ to the map showing all PP setups, right?
Things need to be handled locally but it would make sense for there to be one place where people know where to go to get involved, right?

No there are no collection points yet.

At the headquarter we work with plastic from second hand store which they can not sell. You can see this in the 3d montly update