Plastic Dry Wall Replacing Gypsum

One of the most common building materials in all of construction is drywall/gypsum board. It is very cheap and made by mining gypsum, which I’m sure you can imagine is not very good for the environment. It is used mainly for its strength and sound proofing nature, both of which would be emulated very well with plastic core.

Also, plastic would almost certainly be far better at thermal insulation than gypsum.I’m sure you could use two hot plates to form a mold that compresses with a few car jacks to take ground plastic from these machines and turn them into regular sized drywall. You might have to add a paper layer to each side, like gypsum board has.

Considering how much gypsum board is used, I’m sure there would be a market for sustainable building materials like this. However, I’m not to this plastic forming techniques and I don’t know how well compressing ground plastic would do for strength.

Does this sound realistic to you, if you have done some forming with the precious plastic compression machine?



does not sound like a good idea.  gypsum is a basic mineral, calcium carbonate.  it serves to provide fireproofing and sound deadening.  It is also very cheap to make and not that bad to mine.  I have been in several gypsum plants over the years.  they take quarried gypsum from on site, process it by crushing, and make a board.  the covering is recycled paper.


You would in addition to having major increases in energy usage with plastic, you would run against major resistance in building codes world wide.


Remember the plastic sheathed building in London that burned?