Plastic Floor Decking Boards

Hello All, So i am wanting to get into the recycling plastic end of the world. I would like to rebuild my deck out side my house from recycled plastic. What machine would be best for this…. i am thinking the shredder and injection into a mold with heaters on the mold. I plan on making the mold from casting Alumi. or Copper. May do copper since it is heavier and easier to cast with. Once the plastic is in the mold the heaters will keep it melty so i can add the 2nd or ever 3rd patch into the mold to make a full board… has any of you done something like this?


Hey @jabikeman, just stumbled upon this post.

Here just some examples of tiles/coasters done by the community:
Tile mold by Polimeer (compression, I guess)
Tiles by Polimeer (sheet press + lasercut)
Bope Shop – How to make a plastic coaster (injection)
Precious Plastic Ukraine – Coasters (sheet press + cnc milling)

There are various ways to make them, as you can see. 🙂
Don’t know exactly what you mean with adding 2nd and 3rd patch, but hope this helps you a little bit!

@katharinaelleke @jabikeman

Terrific!! the same result wants for me, i know that is posible know.
Do you know if there are polish process involved?

Thanks for share with us