Plastic for shoes

Hi friends of a clean world,
i am a new member and would start a project with plastic-waste.
So i have an idea to make shoes in plastic for the III-world.
What kind of plastic would be best for shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc.?


Hard to say. Soles are mostly from rubber or foam. Most foams are resins and not possible to recycle with Precious Plastic machines.

PE is the most flexible for something like a sole. But will we pretty slippery and sweaty.
Some kind of sandals are maybe possible of you fuse bags together.
plastic bags

Hey there @chewey!

I think @mathijsstroober is right about use of rubber, as it’s more flexible and thus comfortable. But maybe you can get flexibility combining plastic with other materials, so plastic provides hardness and the other flexibility.

An example would be spanish “alpargatas”. You can see what I’m talking about on the pictures below.

Sry i don’t want to offend anyone! Clomps are great invention and could be use even now because of them durability.
Just wanted to say that as every national costums it is not cheap and not regular wear.

I where them sometimes without festivals. Of course you can make shoes totally from PE, but it will not be breathable at all. Also I doubt the comfortability

Klomps are wery heavy and they should use thick woll socks with it to waer. Dutch people use it only for decoration or for festivals at nowtimes.
Main problem of your idea is that all plastics do not allow skin to breath. that mean that better to use it only for soles.

Okay….i understand.
But that is not what we are seraching for.
What do you think about “Netherland-Shoe´s” ?
In Holland any people mades shoes from wood.
We can made them with HDPE….or not ?

you can use old tire tread to make new shoes. i heard of it, that people are doing this in africa. but instead of recycling they do upcycling, which is more ecofriendly:)