Plastic from cable insulation

Hi everyone, I’m toun.I recycle in my corner certain metals and I wonder if it is possible to reuse the plastic of the electric cables?
So we could recycle copper and plastic. (I’m french, sorry for my bad english.)Thank you for your contributions.


Hi Toun, I’m Bern. Also interested in what to do with PVC insulation and also scrap conduit from my electrical industry.

Hi @lahormigaverde,
thanks for reaching out PP. For the cable insulation plastic, we could try it in the PP machines to see what is possible. We reserved the upcoming 2 months for full time PP development, machines and products. If it’s a feasible outcome you could sell it on the bazar. Right now the prices there for shredded plastic are quite high and having a cheaper source could boost the PP economy 🙂
Please send me a private message with your details – we’re located in Barcelona. Possibly it’s even better to visit your place 🙂 I’d also recommend to create a new topic in the forum, with more details about your plastic.

thanks in advance

You can cut long strips of cable insulation and use it to weave baskets or coasters

Hi community! Glad to see there is more people interested in our concern.

We are a small company based in Spain (La Hormiga Verde,, and we process WEEE waste. We produce tons of plastic isolation, after removing the copper from the shredded cables, with an specialized and expensive machine.

Furthermore, we produce shredded solid plastics (mainly ABS) coming from WEEE diassambling, like covers from PCs, printers, etc.

In both cases there is no market in Spain, and we refuse to leave those materials on a dump as garbage. Thus, we are looking for new uses and products form those materials. Our interest is to manufacture a massive product, as garbage cans or similar, in order to give a second life for those plastics.

We produce as well square plates of a material similar to metacrylate. We can sell it to several customers, but we would like to use them to produce something interesting, probably in the original form and not shredding or melting (they are really nice, check the image below). Those plates come from LCD and LED monitors.

We are interested in sharing experiences and knowledge, please let me know and contact me if interested.

See you all!

Hello from Turkey. İ have a question about pet and pvc.

We found tons of shredded pvc cables with all sorts of crap it in ( tiny wires, dirt, and other plastic particles) which makes it really hard to seperate them. So we thought that we can make some kind of floor tiles and such for outside usage. My question is that can we bind the pvc with melted pet ( we dont want to melt the pvc cuz its unhealthy) so that both materials will be recycled. Or do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you , love

the short answer is NO.  DO NOT MELT PVC OR VINYL!


It will release all sorts of toxic chemicals because it will not re-melt very much and instead break down.  The addition of chlorine to the mix, makes it create some very nasty things when you attempt to re-process it.  Including dioxin and hydrochloric acid.


The best you can hope for is to use it in concrete aggregate or something similar.

hi… this is a little complicated.
Plastics from cable insulation are almost always very degrated.