Plastic furniture

The title speaks for itself 🙂

Beds, tables, chairs and so on.

Lets forget about wood, welcome plastic!


there is quite a lot of furniture being made with recycled plastic already, i think its great, small stool tops from compression machine should be one of the easiest to start with then maybe use some plastic beams and lathe the legs? not sure how strong those beams are for constant pressure from sitting though

G’day mate 🙂
I’m from Sydney originally …!
I’m using a custom nozzle from he’s a mate so if u need to try one we can send u one.
I have no issues with adding weight to the head as the XY axis are already strong enough… I am going to try larger nozzles after having great success with the E3D Volcano nozzles at 1.2mm.
I havent had jamming problems at all… what I have had is heat creeping problems when at 260deg for the PET bottles… but I’ll work it out soon
Thanks for your message and enjoy summer you bugga…!!
It’s “freeze the balls of a brass monkey” weather over here now…!

@3dseed How have you overcome the jamming issue I cant stop it without it always clogging up the extruder. If I add a motor to reverse the screw(drill bit ) it adds too much weight to the head.

Great work guys! You should place your machines on PP Bazar!

We’re going to do that soon here in Barcelona Spain 🙂
With the granule extruder