Plastic logo branding

Hi from Pacific Northwest Precious Plastic. We got our logo stamp (32mm) in and gave it a test run. We used a snowboard waxing iron to heat up the brass stamp to what we estimated was about 300° F and then pressed it into one of our recycling trash can lids. It took a few tries to get it to finally stick and then a few more to estimate the amount of pressure needed to get a sold stamp. After about 8 tries we finally got this little gem 🙂


The custom ordered the stamp itself Nostalgic impressions

Below you will see the result of said test.


I’ve found the best way to get a good impression from a stamp is to heat it up, apply with some force to the plastic, then leave it to cool completely before removing it. Of course this way takes a lot longer especially if you’re doing multiple items.



I never thought about heating up the plastic surface prior, nor did i let it sit all the way! I am so going to try that! thank yoU!