Plastic Opportunity

Hello Everyone,

We have been contacted by Arch Constructlab to help them find two candidates for a series of residencies throughout summer 2017 in Genk, Belgium. The programs will work with Precious Plastic machines and will look into ways to artistically interpret plastic recycling.

There are two residencies available.
The first one (June ’17), is searching for a candidate to build the machines while in the second one (July ’17) they’re looking for a plastic artisan to work with the machines and make recycled brick for an exhibition (Sept ’17).

What they’re offering.
Accommodation, food and material expenses are all covered. Plus they have a 600€ budget to cover travel + extra costs.

Check the link above for more info and comment below if interested.
Good luck!


Hello! I’m extremely interested in this opportunity. I don’t have much building or plastic artisan experience, however, I’m seriously passionate about this mission. This seems like an opportunity to work very hard and learn a lot, which I’m excited to take on.

Brief about me: I am a recent graduate of Marine Science from Boston University, and a yoga teacher. Currently, I’m taking steps to get a set of Precious Plastic machines built and started in Houston, TX, where I live. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela.

Thank you for sharing this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing back from you – cheers!

Hey precious plastics! I love what you have created hear, I come from a engineering background. I am a machine engineer (precision engineering) and I have extensive knowledge and experience in building and operating small 50kg p/h to 6000kg p/h metal and plastic granulator’s and preshredders for the recycling industry, I also know a lot about recycling said materials. I would love to chat more and show you some of my work if your interested?
I’m 30 yrs male and from the UK.
Kind regards
Jason R

Hey guys,
Great to hear you’re interested.
Stephanie from Arch Constructlab will get in contact soon.

Good luck!

Hello! I’m as well extremely interested in this opportunity. I am a graphic and industrial designer focused on sustainability and eco-design living in Quito, Ecuador. I have experience with plastic, wood and glass recycling, as well as product design and manufacture. I have my own little shop were I produce and sell objects that satisfy a number of necessities, mainly from an sustainable point of view and no harm done to the environment. I have built my own precious plastic machines and currently I am working on improving them from a local context to help others recycle, clean and care for the space we live in.

I look forward to hear back from you.
If you want to check my work, you can visit my fan page at

wow, this is exciting

already have extensive experience crafting with recycle plastic, shredding/moulding/joining/machining.
As a fine art graduate and a keen precious plastic enthusiast can honestly say its sounds like the perfect opportunity,
Already built an affordable alternative Shredder (which hopefully will help others) and the main reason i got in to precious plastics was to help me continue making art works with recycled plastics.

il drop my website here for more about the things i do.