Plastic parts replication for repairs


I am from Austria and I am working on a Project, to reduce waste, that focuses mainly on repairing things.
I like the idea of recycling Plastic at home and be able to reuse it for my one purpose, but when I thought about building the machines for my shop, I recognized, that there are not to many useful possibilities for me to use them.
Producing new things is cool, but here in our product flooded “firt world” countries I think we really do not need too much new plastic bowls and spinners that we don’t really need. I don’t want to criticizes anyone for producing these goods, because it is recycled material so everything that saves the plastic from getting into a landfill or the ocean helps, I just want to make clear why it is not suteable for me.

So here comes my Idea:
What I really need are specific plastic Parts in small numbers for repairing things.
I can 3d print them, but then they are not too strong most of the time, or I can cut and file them out of old plastic, what I do for most of my tasks, but this takes long and is not really precise.

So I think it would be incredible, if we (or someone out there) could find a method of making a quick mold (would be ok if its only usable once) for replicating a specific part from a 3d print as an injection molding.

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Melting temperature of plastic is lower than 400 celsium
thats why you can use some compaund material.
But accuracy of details will not be very high. Because this compaunds are very flexible.

You could use concrete or some kind of mix with special send.
Or if you have forge and original parts are termal resistable you could teoreticaly make molds from thin aluminium