Plastic Presents Merry Xmas

So for this Christmas i decided to make some homemade plastic presents for my girlfriend.
A ring and a bracelet with some plastic pearls around
Enjoy some of the pictures from the process, and maybe you will get inspired!
Merry Christmas πŸ™‚


The starting basis for the ring were one of these pastic squeres (picture one)
and going with the general idea of whats on this topic:

Then making it a general round shape and fasten it to one of these machines that spin at a fast speed. Then sanding it round with the help of the rectangular rock seen at (picture two)

Then making it as round and smooth as possible (picture three)

Thank you @mattia-io !
If the prosses of creating the pearls becomes more easy, they might end up on the Bazar πŸ˜‰

Really nice @anris… Looks proper!

I want one 😎

Thanks @armbouhali !
The gem idea is great, i will try that for next time

The color blend and shapes are completely random, and can only be controled by how big your granulate is, and how much you twist the plastic dough before making it into a sheet πŸ™‚

asked for a comment from my girlfriend, she says that it were a nice gift, becourse alot of time went into it, and the ring were in her favorite color.

Pretty good results we have over there πŸ™‚

One thing I can say is, you can get prettier results if you try to mix specific colors that fit together in nature, colors that can be found in precious gems/ores. If you can manage to use transparent/translucid plastics then you can make wonders with a maximum of 3 colors (2 opaque, 1 transparent)… this is enough in my opinion.

How to control the shapes created by the dyed plastics ? I have absolutely no ideas …

Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

If you have any feedback or questions please let me know πŸ™‚

Here is some final pictures with me wearing the gifts.
I am sure they will look alot prettier on my beautiful girlfriend.
Merry Christmas everybody!

The first draft of pearls were rough and had small fluffy plastic things sticking to them. (Picture one)

As i made the second bunch i used a rock that were less rough, thus making the fluffy things less promonent (Picture two)

After sanding with wet sanding papir… P1000 and P1500, the pearls were super nice to touch, furthermore i bought a nice bracelet i could slide them on (Picture three)

The plastic β€œpearls” were small chopped up bits from waste plastic i had from other projekts.
By drilling a hole in the bits and fastening them to the machine with tape, it was possible to sand them in the same manner as done with the ring, seen below.

I am not a fan of all the plastic partikels the sanding process releases, but i collected most of it with a broom. And i will use it for melting an other time.

By then fastening the orange rock on the machine and holding the ring with a pair of safety gloves, it was possible to sand the inner part, and make it just the right size (17 mm)