Plastic Residencies Summer 2017 in Genk, Belgium

Hello plastic people!

We are ConstructLab a Berlin based collective and we’re actually preparing our next project for this Summer in Genk, Belgium!

We are providing a living support structure for a social and experimental laboratory.

An investigation on a new standard brick applied on a vault construction. For those bricks, we explore the recycling of plastic as a main ressource.

It’s a process of different residencies which focus on 1) machines building,
2) testing ressources and 3) finding the right way to produce those bricks.

We appreciate your interest on plastic and machine building and we would love to collaborate on this with you! Send us an email at and you will here form us soon!



You could get in touch with the Fablab in Genk or the design faculty next to it. They have a product design department with people that might be interested.

Hello siemac,
Thanks for your message! We are in contact with both of them and found people who are interested to participate, thats great. For now we would like to meet some people who have more experiences with building crazy plastic machines.