Plasticpreneur ultimate injection

Finally – after months of developing and testing we can share our newest version of the incetion machine. The ultimate injecton allows the development of high quality products as well as quick and easy mass production.

At the moment we are trying to sell around 7 pices to get the machines out as cheap as possible. Costs are 1500 € (shipping included) and can be found on the bazar →

Major changes to the original Precious Plastic Injection:

Injector Assembly

>Arbor press drive: enables to apply a continuous pressure regardless

of the position of the lever.

>High pressing force with a small operating force 200N on the handwheel result in 3437N on the Piston. Compared to the ~ 800N operating force which are required on the classic lever based injection design to reach the same 3400N on the Piston.

Injection Cylinder:

>Tight tolerated Injection cylinder (H8) with a extreme smooth surface finish (max. Ra 0,8) combined with a low friction brass Piston which ensures a smooth run of the assembly and nearly zero friction losses.

>Expanded Injection capacity from 185cm³ to 205cm³

>Level indicator in cm³ for a more comfortable and production oriented work environment.
>30mm mineral wool insulation for a fast heat up stable work temperatures and a lower energy consumption.
>four industry standard heating elements with 220W each (no ebay or aliexpress material)

Table Assembly:

>Spring loaded mould clamping system with an easy to use toggle clamp, which allows to use mould with a height from 20mm up to 350mm Table size 250x250mm
>Nozzle – mould connection via a simple conical nozzle which seals to a 45° chamfer in the mould for a mould exchange in a matter of seconds.



>Maschine Base is collapsible for a easy transport even in small cars.

>Frame made out of 18mm Birch (Multiplex) Plywood, which is a ecological and easy to modify alternative to steel frames.

>Simple, rigid, and space saving wall mount. Productivity and quality related features:

>left or right attachable side table for a small hot plate or as tool tray.

>Temperature controlled Euro power outlet to plug in a single plate stove which can be used as a Mould preheating station

Shipping Size: 1200x600x400

Weight: 25kg

Manufactured and assembled in Austria

We are excited for your feedback!

Wow! That looks great, congratulations! Wish you all the best with the sales!!