Please make each member profile more detailed

Hi there!

I would really like to see more detail about a member that will help with communications and not bother people who are not really doing much, but have their hands up on the map!

Sorry I’m in communications:)

When I click on a profile its just name, date or year of birth ( I don’t see why that’s relevant?) location, but doesn’t say much else besides the 5 or 6 choices… perhaps I’ve missed this somewhere on the site and this is totally redundant?

Perhaps in each profile more specific questions so its easier to find the right people with the same needs?

A what are you working on now? What is it you wish to do? and what are the 3 things you are looking for on this network/community?

Also…could there be a more female encouraged participation as well? The whole thing feels very male dominated. And Sustainability is not about gender its about equality too.

Keep up the great work!



I share the necessity to have more details on the map… Or the profile on the forum. Like a check list with the machines already done or planed to be done… Willing business…

‘more female encouraged participation’ but how? We have already some really involved girls on the forum… And in Precious Plastic team specially. My 2 favorite videos are done by girls 🤩

Keep involved