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As @xxxolivierxxx has previously mentioned:Polyester recycling

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So I want to know if you guys think it would be possible to make polyester fabric from recycle PET at on a small scale.

I know that there are manufacturers that do this, but we are hoping that we can build the machines and kinda DIY it.

Its 3 basic steps, Make Pellets, Make the Fibers, and Make Fabric
The pellets are the easy part.

Does anyone have any info or know of anyone that has done this?

wow thanks @xxxolivierxxx for the national geographic video; it’s VERY informative; hard to see how to adapt on a little setup; but not impossible !!

Making Polyester thread out of PET plastic is possible but requires a very specific type of extruder

FYI @joemaro @squirt1000

I want to make a thread or fabric like material from plastic. I’ve been doing a bit of research online and it seems that most operations to do this require large scale industrial machinary. If anyone has an idea or method that can be done in a personal workshop let me know! ( I’ve seen videos online turing PET plastic bottles into “thread” by pulling it through a cutter but I want thread that is finer and much thinner.

Hi Laure !
I’m starting a precious plastic project in Cambodia, we could talk more about this ! 🙂
Are you currently in Cambodia ?

Dear community,

I stayed a couple months in Cambodia where there is a real plastic issue : plastic is everywhere and people are not aware and educated about this problem.

I’d like to create a fashion brand involving ethical and environmental values, creating clothes with the plastic and fabric wastes existing, and creating jobs for these wonderful people.

I have some contacts in Cambodia but I don’t know where to start as that kind of machine is hard to create and I have no engineer background.
Is someone interested in that kind of collaboration ?
Can someone give me any tips/advices ?

Your help is PRECIOUS

Someone was posting some ideas about this here http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/fabric/

From this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEVG4XoxDrg it seems to me they use something like an extruder but with a nozzle that looks like a shower head.