Possible plastic resource…

I’m not sure if it would be practical because i don’t know how things work where everyone lives, or even the type of plastics they are BUT what about plastics like door panels/cards or center consoles etc etc…. out of old cars in junk/scrap yards or “auto recycling” centers??? If they knew what you were doing they may just give you the plastics or you remove them yourself.

It’s just an idea….it may be useful or not or it may even been mentioned and i missed it.

Cheers from U.S.A.


As i know most of car’s interior is made from ABS some times from PP or other’s. and of course we can use them in our projects.
Thats great idea to coop with car demolish stations because they could provide us with huge ammount of matterial.

I think, generally the “how to source material” is not really a big issue since sooooo much plastic is thrown away every day everywhere^^ But sure, ABS and PP both are great for recycling! 🙂