PP Business Needs Assessment & Rate Card Template

Hey PP Community,
As a part of our ongoing business documentation, Recycle Rebuild are developing and sharing our business start-up data. Up until now, it has been undocumented on how we select our communities (we just get the feels).

To streamline this process we a creating a questionnaire that can be used to understand the communities needs and wanted to open this up to the global PP community.

What questions would you have asked before the project started to ensure its success?

Here are a few sample questions to get your creative juices flowing.

**Are there any welders in the community?

****What is the country’s minimum wage?
How much is a shipping container?

To also help future startups understand what costs are involved in starting a business a Rate Card has also been developed that ties into our business calculator. This rate card if completed correctly should include all the items needed to purchase and convert a workspace.

For the latest Preliminary Assessment Form, with edits can be found here.
For the latest Rate Card Template, click the link here.


YES!! I like this a LOT!

Having on the ground data and templates from projects already up and running will help the rest of us get started. Seems like we might need to have several templates– one for roughly every size/type of community and project. For instance, what works for you might have some crossover with what works for me– but I might have even more in common with Eddie in New Jersey (USA), he and I might work off the same template; whereas Anas from Indonesia might be able to follow your template to a T.


Thanks for getting this started and I look forward to spending some time with your data.


Yay!! We are doing it people <3

I have updated the forum to include a Rate Card Template that should include a list of items to build every machine. Any missing items would be appreciated from other builders.