PP @ Dublin, Ireland

Hi all,
I’ve the idea to start recycling plastic in Dublin, Ireland. Anyone here on the same boat?
I’m at “idea development” – “research”- “design thinking” stage, working with Ideas Collective coaching program from Suas, and will have a showcase by the end of August.

Any comments, tips will be appreciated.



Hello Gaby,

I’m in Belfast and just like you in in the thinking and buying stage….

How did you get on? Do you have a project up and running I’m hoping to get a project started here in Belfast real soon as sooner we start the better


Btw the Whatsapp group sounds like a good idea to me.
@celia here is my number: +33627104930

Hi all!
I am also based in Dublin and keen to join your team to set up a Precious Plastic workshop here :-).
How did the meeting of  March 22 go? What first steps do you consider?



Hey there. Im in Dublin too. I used to work in IT, now I make pots … Im fascinated by recycling, repurposing and reusing stuff – would be very interested in coming along to the mtg…


I am trying to organise a  meeting for next Friday, I hope you could join us!

Best, Celia

Woop woop! Great! We are at least 5 people.

So I made some small steps. I created a facebook page:
So we can start to reach more people and raise an army, right?!

I also started to look into methods to upcycle/recycle plastic without any money investment. I started to crochet plastic bags and ironing food packaging.

I also made some research to apply for potential funding.

It would be great to meet up and brainstorm in person, I would be happy to set-up a whatsup group or something for a more instant communication and organise a personal meeting. Or is it possible here to setup a group messaging?

Hi there! Also based in Dublin, I’m absolutely thrilled by the idea and love to be involved.
Please let me know when. I have a few ideas. 🙂

Hi, I’m based in Dublin too and would love to help get a precious plastic setup.

I am based in Dublin and would be keen to support set up in Dublin.

I’m on for creating a collaborative project concerning a pp setup andrew@urbanfarm.ie I’m based in Dublin


I would really love if we could all come together and have a precious plastic workshop in Dublin. Who would be interested? I think it would be great to meet in person and see who can contribute with what and what we still missing. Maybe we could set up a gofundme project for some initial funding.

Hello all – im based in west cork and keen to get these machines built – is anyone getting a machine built? Ill pay for a second one for my company.

My company cleans up events and i am keen to bring this factory to festivals to promote plastic recycling and would like to be able to recycle water and drinks bottles into beer cups of other items people might keep and then in the winter months i would like to tour schools showing kids about plastic recycling.

Any help is much appreciated

my number is 0852080393

Hey im in the same boat, you have any look with finding a company to build the parts. Are ye planning on building all the machines involved? Im researching on where to get parts or possibly the machine assembled so I can start straight away.

Hey gaby
I’m hopping to build one with my students in cork we’re currently looking for a company that will cut parts for us as we don’t have a metalwork room. But would love to link up.