PP in Egypt and some technical help

Hello Everyone in the PP team
So we have been following for years the development and the community and after some time we finally built our machines here in Cairo, Egypt
We are facing some minor problems so first we are seeking the community support for that:
1- The extrsuion machine output seems to be bubbling out of the nozzle even when using the smaller 3 mm nozzle,if not pulled it keeps expanding into a bubble and makes it hard to have a uniform output

2-The bearing support got bent towards the motor, the same problem was reported on the forum before but not much replies. Our extruder is the old design and I know the screw can create forces for the horizontal motor and coupling, but any thoughts?

3- The texture of the output seems rough and uneven, is this more related to speed or heat, too much heat or too low. I think cooling is a factor as well. I know I am asking a lot but we had a late start 🙂

For any people here in Egypt feel free to reach out to grow the community and have impact collaborations

Stay safe everyone