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I finished the page on the v3 injection. Whilst the machine is ok for some cases I am still looking for alternatives. Please let me know here if you found more. I have so far @s2019‘s desktop injection (missing still some details),the arbor injection, OSA’s gingery injection and with some luck i can extract some drawings from @andyn‘s machine.

Unfortunately most of our efforts regarding new injection machines have been shutdown with the PP Eindhoven vs. Catalonia story but with some luck I can finish at least the mentioned automatic desktop injection over the summer.

That unit pictured above is the Gingery injection machine.


I will be building the automatic injection machine next month.  Using a oil press machine as the basis for the injection part.

1. yeah, there are no updates for this machine planned as far i know; there are only the list of alternatives for now. sorry this page got little attention the last weeks; we had various and sudden ‘internal’ problems to fix and now the summer kicked in badly; things got sideways.  We’re not officially related to the Eindhoven team who produced this machine. And yes this machine is problematic for some users and scenarios. There is still room for improvements but I think it’s best to look at alternative designs.

2. sorry also about this; PP Catalonia had to be shutdown because of the ‘internal’ problems mentioned above. The PP Eindhoven vs. Catalonia clash and by now a disaster for all the efforts and people involved isn’t exactly resolved and the note was rather for insiders; i am removing it. thanks for the hint.

Overall; we’re rebooting slowly under a new name, in hope PP Eindhoven doesn’t cause any trouble again; A hard task with 43 degrees in the shop for the next 3 months, incl. weekends so we’re rather focusing on the pp.org page (good news) for now with the little resources we have left. I think we have quite some good improvements for the page and the machinery (a smaller injection) in the next months. Our last machines leave right now the shop and we can fully focus on PP’s community needs and problems.

sorry, this answer got a little longer …

Two questions, if you don’t mind:

1.Do you know the state of the injection machine plans? I noticed the library marks the v3 as “discontinued/abandoned”. Is that because of the “rather clumsy to use, especially if the parts are not properly done and welded” issue & the machine isn’t recommended, is it because the wall mounted version is preferred (though I don’t see that version in the library), or because there’s another version coming?

2. Regarding…

most of our efforts regarding new injection machines have been shutdown with the PP Eindhoven vs. Catalonia story

What does “E vs C story” refer to? Are you no longer doing injection at PP?

Thanks, and best of luck.