PP PET PVC hot coin for logo

Hi guys,

Do you know how these small coins for the recycling-Logo can be made? Is it with CNC and tiny drill or are there better ways out there?

Thank you!

Hi Kevin @wellsforzoe


You mean these?


I guess ordering them in the Bazar would be easiest and possibly even cheapest.

(I fixed the link)

The Upgrade for Precious Plastic Stamps topic goes into more detail on how to turn them into ‘branding irons’.

From the PP coin photos, it is hard to tell if you can actually attach them to a cheap soldering iron or if they have a plain flat back. It would be nice to have one or two attached to irons instead of using the balancing method in the video.

Also see topic:

Upgrade for Precious Plastic Stamps

Sorry, our posts crossed.


They are brass, so you should be able to CNC them yourself.

Have not got my CNC up and running yet, so I can’t test…

P.S. this also goes for the coins not in the set (PET 1 / PVC 3) if enough people request them, maybe a complete set will be produced / offered.


I for one also need a complete set (to ‘brand’ some upcycled products).

THanks for the link! I want to make a custom-logo similar to that idea… that is why I ask