PP V3 content translation

Hello people!

As you know Dave and the team released V3 and updated the website. It would be great help if you could translate a thing or two.

The files for translation and instructions will be added here later, so subscribe to this topic.

If you are still interested in helping out, please comment below or write me a message with the language of your choice. We will form teams. There is a lot of content, so we will need as many volunteers as possible.

♻️ The list of translators and languages : (REGULARLY UPDATED)

; @luvinde; @catroventos to Spanish

to Galician

; to Portuguese

; @mariodeo to Portuguese (Brazilian)
@denfer007; @asmarf to French

; @gruzdovair; @mariasharapova; @nadyashpi to Russian

to Belarusian

; to Swedish

; to Korean

; @tk2000 to Norwegian Bokmål

; to German

to Arabic

to Mongolian

, @tomaspsutka, @stadra to Czech

to Italian


PS, if you see someone has already volunteered to translate to your language, still join to help.


@hepzel english to spanish translation

Hi! That means the work the guys did before is not useful now? On the other hand, the reason why I moved the content is that I don’t have more space in my GDrive, I’m really sorry 🙁

If from these old translations there are some you can recover and save in another GDrive account, please do it; I really don’t have more space now, and need it for my e-mail account.

Please let me know if I can help with something else (btw, I don’t know now how to use GitHub).

Good night!

I definitely prefer GDrive to DropBox. As the info is already on GitHub, we could keep our work there, although we must first ensure everyone is familiar with it.?

The current zip file has pdf files, which are not as easy to scrape from as simple text files. We need txt or doc files.

@alanemilio, @lu,

Guys, please keep it all organised.
Dropbox is not the best shared folder as it is not as flexible as Google docs.

Alan, the content you shared is still the old one, that needs to be updated. If you want, you can create a Google drive folder, share it, and put the translated files there into V2 folder. You can message me directly to discuss it.

We are going to keep the system the same as shared. We don’t want people to translate old content, right?

Gracias Alan!
Are we sure there is no other repository? We don’t want to be doubling work,as you said!
Just looking at the TaskTable doc it’s easy to find it is not updated as there are more languages already under translation and the new kit.zip has more content.
I personally don’t use DropBox and would suggest using GitHub, as there are already several PP repositories there, it already hosts the kit.zip itself ( https://github.com/hakkens/precious-plastic-kit) and it is better suited to keep track of authorship and versioning.

Other suggestions?


I would love to help to translate from English to Norwegian-Bokmål. Can I hut start?

Hi guys! As many of you know, I shared one time space in my drive to start translating into other languages, so the work shouldn’t start from zero.

This is the new location (I moved it just today), where you can find the so-far-translated-things:


Inside the folder you could find three (3) files:

  1. 00 TRANSLATIONS-Task Table (to update if the webpage content has already changed; I have not checked it again).

  2. XX Template (2 Columns)_XXX : It’s a .doc file to translate the texts; having the two languages one in front of the other could make easier the translation review, necessary to guarantee the quality of our work.

  3. 01 Collaborators_Contacts: to put inside our contacts; I think it’s not always easy to keep the contact by using this webpage, so maybe this file could be useful in the future.

Let me know in case you have some problems to get in, or if you have some ideas to improve this work system (I hope a lot of new ideas!).

Talk to you soon!


+39 324 628 9690

, @luvinde, @catroventos, @catroventos, @lu, @kathastrofica, @mariodeo
@denfer007, @asmarf, @enigmer, @gruzdovair, @mariasharapova, @enigmer, @playhost, @minsik, @kingu, @flo-2, @mohammede335, @taivans, @lemra, @tomaspsutka, @stadra, @adexmont, @alexluna, @johnp, @branquinho, @adamroni, @philipm, @sophiakc, @renepare, @telmomendesleal, @woodstock, @alleluso, @galihswastandhi, @wmikke, @kostaspap, @nedthairi, @beepbeep, @hamnetdeui; @alanemilio; @emburaman; @thomastoo98; @grigoryvorobyev; @jacquesyip; @cedric-2; @circleactivity; @annre; @mariel-2; @inesbraga; @rafaobejo97; @gperdomo; @eracoon; @rrmb65; @martinn; @ericwong; @aliya; @hannibanni; @ahmad95; @matthieu-m; @saram; @kubri; @tk2000; @dtremmel; @breckin; @chai058; @estesoakasol

That works like a wonderful starting point for PT-portuguese as there are not al lot of changes to make. But ‘usina’ for example, is ‘foreign’ in Portugal and african portuguese speaking countries.

English to Czech here 🙂

I can help with english to czech translation 🙂

I am up to translate from english to czech language 🙂

@raphaelvalentino, this is great, go share it!

English to Portuguese BR (Brazilian)

I already made PT-BR subtitles to the shorter V3 promo, here is the facebook video link:

And here is the youtube video link:

@asmarf, I have seen your message in an old topic, have added you to the list of translators. The info will be posted up here soon.

I will help with English to Mongolian translation.

Enghlish to arabic i’m here jegor_m

Guys, ideally we would also need Chinese, Hindi and Arabic translators. I’m not saying the other languages are not needed, just need to get the most out of it.

@jegor-m english to german

Yep, I think it is definitely best to have both BR and PT portuguese. I volunteer to work on the PT version.