Precious Plastic App

What do you think about the creation of an app for mobile devices? I think that can be very useful, especially for message notifications 😀


@sancho interesting idea! Apart from messaging, what do you imagine this app should be capable of?

All the best

For those out there interested in the idea :

In order to find users easier, i created a Discord server for the french PP community. I think it may help a lot if it were to be implemented country by country to launch collaborative projects !

Here is french one :

Now embassadors, if your country has many active membres, do the same !

& thank u to all the community for ALL the work being (and to be) done !!!



It would be easier to use i think.maybe even it can help us to communicate with others who collect plastic.

‘We could list machine owners’
What’s about like other forum have a easy degree identification of each level.?
S as shredder I for injection
So à login completed by SI is somebody having done shredder and injection…

When I say like other forum… I mean in their signature lot of people write their computer configuration for instance…

For the apps it could be also a shooting template… Empty template for sharing creation… We have always a batch of basic questions that the little more experienced persons asked to the newbies. Like in my first post 😉
Type of plastic
2/3 pictures

See you

Great idea!! @flo-2 I’m gonna be in Vienna only for 1 day it’ll be great to see your workshop. I sent you inbox.have a look. Cheers

@sancho @flo-2 @emric @armbouhali @malor
I think a plastics formulations app would be better where by we can add how to make a particular product for example plastic tiles = 70% sand + a type of plastic with the instructions like a instruclables for plastic products. We need to empower people to be able to make things . We could list machine owners who could provide the feedstock etc….

From a technical point of view I think this isn’t really yet possible as buddypress and BBpress (the 2 wordpress plugins used to make the Army and Forum part of the website) REST Api aren’t yet available unless rewriting everything from scratch without using wordpress which i think is really not the priority here.

I check a few month ago and there are some pre release version of the api are out but they aren’t stable yet so not really usable. Btw They should come soon. So you’ll have to wait before any apps comes out.


In my opinion if an app happens to exist one day, it should be designed for the large public audience. I would prefer to improve the website and the forum before extending the community to smartphone users.

It would contain :

1. A presentation of the Precious Plastic Project
2. Basics of plastic identification
3. Basics of plastic crafting, with a focus on the reuse of plastic items before shredding.
4. Working with precious plastic machinery.
5. Community creations.
6. Precious Plastic Workspaces (the map).
7. Donation options to support the starting of future local workspaces.
8. etc.

wicked idea! I have no idea how to build an app but yeh! awesome idea.