Precious Plastic COM PRO ORG

Hey there,

so from what we observed there is ‘’ which kinda wants to appear as ‘org’ but it isn’t since it’s obviously getting/is/was a brand. To us and others it’s kind weird to see this kinda open source idea / spirit buried under financial problems, eg: producers have to pay to Eindhoven to be part of the idea, for real and the needed full-time commitment somewhere along pretty hidden strings (see bazaar fees story),… In top the community is locked out or away, leaving the impression : you have to be in Eindhoven to be the ‘real precious plastic’. Obviously, we’re over 40, 50, 60 not able to do so …  Also applying fixes to machine issues is seemingly impossible, whatever we tried …

However, in order to fix this, we’re thinking the critical mass and capital is there and so monetary problems can be detached from the project, ie: free trade, publicly extendable library for molds, machines, etc…  We’re taking care of that part and this goes into ‘precious – plastic . ORG’, by the end of the year in all languages needed.

What remains is another pillar urgently needed : ‘precious plastic –  PRO’. Currently we just manage to keep up production and get people started. We encountered often requests which are better done by a commission or commercial outlet to answer users/investors, etc… I have no idea who or how this can be done but it has to be done. We do this on a daily base but it’s very VERY VERY time consuming and we feel a little sad to have no time to address user needs or applications at all and sort. We hope that can be fixed with ‘precious plastic . ORG’ which unveils honest data, facts, etc… in all languages but even though someone should be there full time to answer the f** phone.

what do you think ?

, @mattia


We carefully make our decisions and probably have our own way of working. We have to choose our battles since unfortunately also we have limited time. If you think it can be better/improved go for it. We don’t want to slow down any development or good ideas. PP Pro sounds great though. We are working on more “pro” machines and documentation. However there will always be a need for support/helpdesk (people would even pay for this service), but this isn’t something we would take on since we focus more on development. Could be a fun business model for someone?

hey Dave, thanks for passing by here 🙂 Ok let’s see the next iteration of the machines can come with enough material (FAQs); that would cut out at least the half of the overhead. The rest seems more about the process(es).