Precious Plastic Explorer

@donald and me are working on a web application, called the “Precious Plastic Explorer”, providing a quick interface for newbies, product designers and researchers as well machine builders.

– it aggregates all the forum topics, instagram media, youtube, aliexpress, attachments and whatever was referenced here or 2-3 hops outside the forum
– the interface is basically a collection of customizable search filters (AND/OR), for instance : all attachments regarding topic “shredder”, sorted by likes and activities but also the user’s points
– i am adding the Google search engine API and also Google translate above all, so people can find for instance stuff related to the topic on aliexpress or other pre-defined and tailored sites like instructables, 3d portals as thingsuniverse, instagram,…
– there is also a file (just another custom search filter) view which displays all attachments and pictures
so people can also enter a question and it searches beyond forum all the added sites as well.

if you need more, let us know. the whole story will last at least 2-3 months.


for now, there is at least a file browser for forum attachments and images. it’s tedious to use but i am quite happy already to hop through a few years in images 🙂