[Precious Plastic] Help us make the new Logo

For this step, then, we want to see how you envision the Precious Plastic logo looking. We want you to take inspiration from what we’ve summarized in this post. Also we’ve got some points of inspiration of our own that we want you to keep in mind:

connectedness – network – recycle – empowerment – inclusiveness – cycle – upcycle – people – cross cultural cooperation – hope – positivity – freshness of ideas and ideals – contemporary look&feel – open-source – DIY – plastic as a resource – waste as an empowering tool – valuable – new priorities from the people – tackling problems we’ve created first person – new direction – precious – new priorities

Get going and show us those logos! Preferably with a short explanation on your thinking.


I just found out you were looking for help about the logo. I will work on something tonight. Really excited about helping, I really like this project

Shout-out to @mattia-io. I bet you were pretty stoked when you found your design more-or-less used for the official PP logo! 🙂

I previously have the same concern, but I have found some unique and affordable naming service that works with brand slogan as well. Check this one http://eatmywords.com/blog/ to view their services.

Ok! Thanks for all the great suggestions and good feedback. It’s time to take the next step!

First, we wanted you to post concepts or ideas that you feel would describe Precious Plastic. Then, we wanted you to, using these ideas and concepts, provide us with sketches and/or outlines for a logo. Now, it’s time for you to vote on the submitted logos in order for us to get a Top 5.

So, head on over to this topic and get voting; http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/vote-logo/

Thank you for your kind words, @mattia-io! It’s always a plesure help with the ideas and give some feedback.

I’ll keep thinking about the logo!

Thanks for the sketches @gujonon, however I think @kingu is correct when stating that having an arrow “killing” a bag “does make me lose regard for plastic as a resource, to the effect of destroying usable items as a goal in itself”…

Maybe killing the bag is not our objective, rather resuscitating it through recycling!


No worries for the multiple messages, we’re all trapped in Whatsup modus operandi 🙂

But hey, this is a great idea- inscribing the double P in the infinite symbol.
I’ll have a go at it and see if it can work. Great shout!

Thanks @gujonon you are making this space exciting, alive and most importantly creatively constructive!

Hi again @mattia-io!

I like the infinite logo. Also I think that it could be a good idea making the “infinite” real with the Precious Plastic machines we already have. More specifically I’m referring to build the moebius strip (http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/images/moebius_strip.jpg) with recycled plastic, make a photo of it and use it as a logo.

I think that, as someone suggested before in this post, using recycled plastic in the main logo could be really interesting!

What do you think?

I see a bag that is “dead”. It could be a plastic bag, it could be a paper bag. It is rendered void by an arrow, somewhat alarmingly directed at the onlooker. What it does is make me lose regard for plastic as a resource, to the effect of destroying usable items as a goal in itself. It is a nice illustration, and it would serve well as a narrative reminder of broken plastic, as that is a major contributor to waste, if it was repurposed in a later panel.

Thanks guys for your nice Feedback.

I think we should make an numbered overview of all the sketches to pick 1,2,3 favorites to focus on for further development.

Maybe there is a good online Tool for stuff like this. Becouse this thread is very long and ist Hard to habe an overview.

With Kisses and Love

I just want to interject that I absolutely love all the work that is being done in this thread. Keep it up!

Clever logo @smhdsn! But @johnp makes a good point:

this looks really good. Although I believe this is a logo for more generic project like recycling all industrial products, not only plastic.

I do somewhat feel the same, it’s almost to clever and straightforward to use only just for plastic. Could be applied in so many other materials!

Really like the style of those sketchy logos @stephanjunglas. Great to see how sketches are turned into logos by collaborating!

Hey @stephanjunglas,

Very nice sketches…the logic and conceptual thinking are great, I also can see the logo working on a number of medium and context. Only thing I am conerned with is the similarity with Google Drive Logo.

If we are to develop this option we must be sure we differentiate ourselves from “Google Digital Dictator Machine” 🙂

Not should or must colored but, if it is colored, that will be great.

Why? Good question. Before answering that, let me ask you another one:
Why do you think facebook, twitter and linkedin have blue logo? Not any other color, all 3 social media websites have blue logo(even foursquare in the beginning, now they changed the concept and the color. Also tumblr has blue). Using colors is great way to express emotions.

I’m thinking about Orange – White or Orange – Grey combination but you are the designer I believe you’ll come up with something fits. I just don’t recommend using green on the logo because green also represents money$$$ instead of recycling and mother nature.

I realy like the hexagons from @mattia-io because it gives the logo a simple but interesting shape, maby you should make some more than just the ‘Pp’ in the middle. Or also combine the hexagon with the colored cyrcle?

I also like the logo made by @smhdsn, but I prefer the ones where only the borders are painted and not filled the hole objekt. In the filled versions, I think it’s to dark and bold, maby just because it’s just black and very big on my desktop. On the other side I like the last one drawn with pencil because in has some structure which will get lost if you make vectors from it.

Hey well done!
This looks real cool!

Not so aggressive as you saying…
Shall we try to bring it into vector?

I can help with that if you want!

[Applause] love it. I’m thinking open hardware, made from recycled material.

If you stop taking critique, you ultimately limit yourself and what you do. Whatever you make of that, don’t stop listening. 🙂

Starting with a easy fix, there is a pixelfault in the arrowpoint negative space towards the back of the next arrow. The inner half is slightly fatter than the outer one.

The arrowpoint is also off centre on the ring, this is the most apparent noise. I think it should be in the middle so that the energy does not escape, but is rather carried round.

It can be done two ways, either place it there, throwing alignment of the arrowhead sides outer vs inner ring farther off, or compromise the equidistance of the arrowpoint to the arrowhead sides. That might look wonky, I don’t know.

For now I think some rounding on the arrowhead sides might look good, it otherwise needs to be 100% if its this brutal. Also put some pixels in where the cogs meet the wheel, its minute, but it makes the cog look less straight, not matching the rest with its apparent curve.

Look at the part of the arrow that would leave the string of a bow. Bonus for making the flat bits at either ends of the pointy bit line up, and that they are equidistant.

Making the outside of the pointy bit not curvy might match the arrowhead sides a bit better.

And also it matches better with the arrowhead. Full marks for making the outliers of the arrowhead half of the arrowhead tip front half, and that this distance is found again in the back of the arrow flat sides and pointy sides. You would need to adjust the diameter of the ring for this.

One trick of the trade is not placing the bottom arrowhead center bottom, that way it looks off straight away if the line in the middle isn’t perpendicular to the x axis. It is now, but you might juggle something else into place if its not.

Try looking at the whole thing by tilting your head to see this effect. Gives more recycle feel, and blends the bottom arrowhead in with the others.

The distance between the cogs isn’t the same (almost), nor does it match the gap in between that and the outside of the arrowhead outlier.

Since the cog on the back of the arrow is mostly fixed in place, you can adjust the first two to make this happen.

Very nice!
Also quite versatile for different merchandise!

Thank you tomas,

If a logo works good in black/white, only the shape of it, you are complety free in use of colour and textures later. If its stamped in pink plastic or cut out in wood, you will recognize it, becouse of its shape. Makes it universal.

And it also can helps you in the process of designing a logo. becouse colour always makes it a bit more friendly or nice to look at. But in case of designing it, colour can be “nice filter” of a not good logo. Like alle the colourfull filters in instagram – crappy picture but nice colours.

So if you split it up, shape and colour, you can have a more neutral look at it.

And you can add colour later on. But if its not in need of colour why adding it?

haha… thats my opinion =) Sometimes I am in need of some rules in designing. But unfortunately in design shouldnt be any rules at all!