[Precious Plastic] Inspiration for a new logo

In late 2012 we started thinking about plastics and how very little of them are actually recycled. Almost all plastics can be recycled but the majority of it ends up in landfills, on dumps or in the ocean.

Turned out that the cost of production and recycling machines, and the unwillingness to recycle by the owners of these machines, is where the problem lies.  

So, we decided to build our own plastics recycling machines. Machines that are affordable and open source, where the blueprints are there for anyone to download for free, so you can start recycling and producing thing from plastic waste.

In 2013 we put a video online showcasing the 1.0 versions of these machines. And, even though we got them out there, they were more a proof of concept than the finished product. In order to make final versions of the machines we got a proper machine builder into our workshop. He, together with the fantastic Precious Plastic community, are now working towards finishing the project.

While we’re putting the finishing touches on the machines and blueprints we need your involvement in outlining the look of the project. in short, we need a logo and we’d love for you to help us with it.

So, we’re calling everyone and anyone who wants to get involved  in this. Starting with us wanting your thoughts on inspiration.

We first want to know what the inspiration for the logo should be? We are looking for concepts and/or ideas that you feel describe Precious Plastic. Words, phrases, sentences, pictures, examples you like, abstracts… your imagination is the limit! And try to add an image with it.

This step will run for about two weeks. Then we’ll take into account everything that has been posted. And, move onto visual inspiration, refinement, presentation and voting, and work until we have a community-made Precious Plastic logo!

We can’t wait read see what you guys come up with!


While we’re really not looking for logo suggestions at this time, but more ” … concepts and/or ideas that you feel describe Precious Plastic. Words, phrases, sentences, pictures, examples you like, abstracts.” we could not keep ourselves from posting something we just received i the mail from Guido. Enjoy.

Ok, this is the end of the line, and the start of a new beginning!
We asked you what the inspiration for the Precious Plastic logo should be. We asked you for concepts and/or ideas that you feel describe Precious Plastic; Words, phrases, sentences, pictures, examples you like, abstracts…

We got some. The words Togetherness and Collaboration should inspire the logo. Also the word Simplicity. The phrase ’Back To The Roots’ was posted as a generalization about the whole product to product cycle. The looser, but still thought worthy, ’Reproducibility With Aesthetic Quality’ was posted too. We’ll leave the interpretation of that up to you. Naturally, we also saw ’Recycling’ a few times.

Most of all, however, you wanted to show us actual logo suggestions. And, to be fair, there were some really cool ones there!
So, since this is a collaborative effort, we’re skipping a few steps of the process and moving right to what you want to do: Designing logo concepts!
To help us, please go here!

Concept captured in the least amount of pixels, for high reproducability with aestetic quality.

To that effect, here is a version without any scaling:

Okay! Looking forward to the next step!

More than drafts and actual logo ideas we are att this point looking for what would inspire a logo. So, in order for us to get back on track; what was your thinking behind this, your drafts?

Avantgarde and cool! What’s your thought behind it?

Indeed it is! We’ll take all into account before we move forward on this.

Great! And, noted. Stay tune for the next step of the logo creating process!



I had an idea a couple of days ago, finally i had a chance to make a draft. If you like it, I can work on it more…


Hey Tomas! Well my idea is that the logo might be something that appreciates plastic, that it is something that we should be happy to have, something precious 🙂 Also I wanted to keep it simple. I think that the part with plastic bottle(s) or the cup with the branches actually says Precious Plastic, so that was my thought.

Back to the roots. If, of course, the roots symbolizes the return to the matter. I think it would be more universal and representative of all plastic products using the regrind rather than a particular object. This will keep everyone’s imagination on the second life of plastic. For me, I would use 3D printing technology or extrusion to give a second life to plastics. Maybe you have another idea of how to give a second life to plastic. I think we should keep that element of mystery and imagination and focus on the recycle material itself. In the same idea, I think we should not limit the image of all the recyclable objects to an object.

I hope that my inspiration is clearer…

So the inspiration would be ‘back to basics’ or ‘back to the roots’?

And again, your complete thinking behind it? We’re looking for tonnes of inspiration here.

What was your thinking behind this?

Your so right! The togetherness and machine parts should definitely be in there.

Really like it. Could you tell us about your thought process? Just to get all out there.

Second attempt,
(I had some trouble with placing the file the first time.)

My starting point is again the ‘recycling logo’,because it is a widely known logo.
Than added the letters precious plastic, and plastic chips to complete the logo.

Greetings, San.

I think it would be better not to include a particular object such as a bottle. I would put more emphasis on plastic regrind. For example, to write “Precious Plastic” in the regrind. The regrind plastic of several colors is an excellent symbol of the plastic recycling. The grains could represent the community ?