[Precious Plastic] Inspiration for a new logo

I really like the picture with the three bottles

Wat een gedoe…
maar dit is hem dan…

That’s true! Maybe it’s not only the machines or the schredding, but it is how them are powered: with people collaboration, working together as the most efficient gear assembly.

So Precious Plastic is more about human power as fuel. That should be the main value showed in the logo.

Thanks for the kind words @gujonon and nice sketch! It nmakes sense to focus on the machine part of the project. Since it’s a core part of it. Maybe be could focus more on our strenght, making something new with it, instead of shredding?

that’s an interesting approach, celebrating plastic. Actually never thought about that for the logo. Like that it’s honors it, very positive

Hi everyone! Let’s activate this post a little bit! For me the most important aspect of Precious Plastic is the way it recycles: the machines, that can be built by whomever (with some inquietude) wants it.

I tried to show it with a quick sketch… It’s only an idea but I hope it “inspires” you all.

PS: Dave, keep doing what you do! I’m already studying industrial design and your work really keep me motivated!

Click on the pic to see it all :))

Hey guys,

here is something for inspiration, I hope.

What Dave said. The sentiment of recycling is noted!

Yeh, the Plastic community has been inactive for a while @bikaro. But we are going full steam ahead again with this brand new community , still figuring some things out though we sure hope everything works right! Neither way, thanks for the input and spread the word!


First of all, I was wondering why nothing was posted here jet. Is this the wrong poste/place here or is there something wrong with the webserver? Or is this just the sadly result of a inactive Community?? 🙁

So to come to the topic, in my opinion Precious Plastic is mostly about recycling so I would take the very popular ‘recycling logo’ recycling logo
I also would like to keep it simple so I just make a combination between the logo and the project name in two different ways.

I also thought about to make a simple graphic of a machine which makes the project name from some plastic waste like old bottles or something like that.