Precious Plastic – Legal Status & Foundation

I am aware that the initiating founders didn’t want/think much about a larger scale at some point but obviously things changed. Whilst v4 will put more infrastructure and know-how material on the table I am wondering what’s the status about representing Precious Plastic on a international parquet, but with a proper setup and status, ideally also detached from the opinion/interests/power from a few individuals. Obliviously I am not in the position to do such work but we have close friends with a strong and professional background counting up decades of work in regard of managing and organizing sponsorship and international projects, also speaking up to 5 languages 🙂

However, I wanted to make clear there are formations of different interests and looking at the invests and commitment of all parties (aware and unaware) I think there should be work initiated which can provide consensus, consolidation and enough material in these matters. From my observation there is currently a net volume of a half million euro + per month, not being picked up and distributed to projects/talents in need of such funds. I think it’s fatal decision to refuse these founds on behalf of everybody involved, obviously on a very subjective opinion (i am tired off).

If you like we can work out the first steps in this direction, I think we will just do and from what i heard, it could take the whole year. There are 3 people being more than capable doing this part on our end.

And btw. this isn’t about legal re-presentation and fund collection/re-distribution only, I think this is also about uniting and representing machine builders and existing organisations into a better framework & network. I can’t see how the v4 team in Eindhoven address this kind of problems 😉

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would be nice to have some input soon from you guys. i remember last year when the issue came up that there intentions but nothing really happened 🙂
However, we’d like to call up some friends at Greenpeace and other organisations but all this needs at least some legal and financial spines in place.

I understand so far that there isn’t enough man-power in Eindhoven to run this project properly (at least the more crucial part: administration & accounting) but this could be fixed also because having enough $$ to pay at least half-time wages, especially looking how time consuming this activities are.

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yup, ‘precious plastic’ isn’t registered anywhere in the legal world, not as trademark, not-for-profit organisation or the like. we have somebody who can do that paper work (and paying the fees), we’d just prefer its on your name 🙂