Precious Plastic lessons for school

As a chemistry teacher i don’t have the technical skills to build my own recycling machines. I do want to get involved in the community of precious plastic because i think it is a great way to fight global plastic polution. As a chemistry teacher i do understand the science behind the manufacturing and recycling op plastics. I also have quite some experience in writing school projects and lessons. I would like to use these skills to integrate precious plastic into schools, because i believe it is very important to teach the next generation how they can take care of our planet in a durable way. I think precious plastic offers a great opportunity to teach students about recycling plastic in a creative and fun way.

I was very inspired by precous plastic monash in Australia. A group of students developed a mobile plastic recycling machine. They take this machine to schools to teach students how they can recycle plastic in a very easy way. Check out their facebook page:

I would like to start a similar project in the Netherlands. I wrote a projectplan on how to integrate precious plastic into the curricula of different subjects of middle and highschool. Besides that i wrote an example chemistry lesson about different kind of plastics. I attached them to this topic, they are in Dutch but you will get a general idea of the project i want to start up.

I am wondering if there is anybody who has any experience with using precious plastic in schools, please let me know how you did this. I would also like to colaborate with people who want to write this project with me. If you have any experience in education and you are interested helping out, please leave a comment. If you have any idea’s on how i can arrange plastic recycling machines which are suitable for students or even if you are willing to build one for a schoolproject, please also let me know. I am thankfull for any input on how i can realize this project.


I don’t have directly what you are asking for but here are some thoughts that may help. Unfortunately, the PP V4 plan (link on this page ) does not mention any work towards an education module and there have not been any reports published on the planned safety task, so that makes your task somewhat harder. The Monash work is at the university level so it may have more resources. The PP machine designs don’t appear to have any formal safety review or certifications so you may have to do some additional effort to use them in a school environment. As a minimum you will need to address the fume management/exposure, as a chemistry teacher you have the background for this. The machines also need an electrician to review the design. All parts of the structure need to be well grounded, since you are using mains voltages on the heaters and a broken wire could short to the structure that the students are in contact with.

The Monash example of making small flat plate items (jewelry etc.) is probably a good starting point. Molds can be relatively easy to make and a small machine can provide results. Depending on your resources at the school, you can assess if producing a machine is feasible. The injection machine can be simplified to a desktop machine that a school shop could produce. Some discussion here there are also machines available in the Bazar.

Even without machines, some valuable topics can be addressed, such as sorting plastics by density, investigating earth friendly processes/solvents for removing labels, etc.

If you end up pursuing this, your project will be of great use to others here.

Good luck

Hello there!

This is Pablo. I would like to hear of maybe directly talk about our experiences through the “implementing” of Environmental Education with a focus on plastic polluttion n recycling.

I have already written a bit about our current work on education, roughly speaking and this topic is:

– “Precious Plastic for Educational Purposes”


In case you want to directly contact, talk, discuss and exchange views here is my number (whatsapp}

+56 9 99793679


Here im also posting a picture of our plastic lab at manquemavida’s school



Hello Jos,

I recently started a topic about something similar, but then for primary school children: We are also working on a workshop for a tech event for children in November.

We are also interested in similar alternatives, so let’s get in touch.

My name is Fernanda Chima. I am an Educational Consultant and MUN trainer for students in High School. I have over a year of teaching experience and developing Curricula on Food Systems, ESL, and MUN.
I would love to participate in developing a set of Lessons for Precious Plastic.
Please send me a message if you have any advances on the lessons that you would like to share with the community.
WeChat: ferchima
Facebook: Fer Chima

We are a group of students in Utrecht, the Netherlands and we are working on a project about creating a Precious Plastics mobile workspace in Kisii, Kenya.
We are interested in developing an educational workshop as well and we really like your ideas.
It would be great if we can get in contact! You can send us a message here or send an email to:

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here some concerns and directions about the safety of the PP machines in schools or any other place with non trained people around, or just a drunk or epileptic teacher :