Precious plastic meetup in Berlin

Hi all!

We’re hosting a regular open-workshop event every thursday from 18-20h in our new workshop at MONOPOL, Provinzstr. 40-44, 13409 Berlin.

We’d be happy to welcome plastic recycling enthusiasts and chat about your ideas, exchange knowledge and start collaborations!

Send us a message on our insta @recycleonthespot or a comment in this topic to get in touch!



Hello Moritz&Christian

Arthur here, I’m the former owner of Hostel Aloha in Berlin. looks like we changed places.

I just found you on the pin map in San Juan de los Terreros and right now I’m based in Vera Playa for the winter( Oct to June) whe the rent is cheap.


I’m looking up to learn more about plastic and other materials recycling processes and techniques.


I’m a developer and I built up a reservation engine and a reservation management system while I had my hostel and now I offer free consultancy and the use of my systems to whoever are starting their hostel or accommodation business in genereal. mostly small places.


I’m also starting to work with hardware developments and my goal now is to integrate smart home appliences into accommodation business and the part of recycling too as the garbage that accumulates in a hostel daily is incredible and most of the items are the same so it’d be easy to accumulate the same meterial in large quantity is a small period.


I also own a 50.000 square metters of land which is still 100% with native vegetation in the north of Brazil in the Ilha do Mosqueiro close to Belem-PA


I was there the previous 2 years and the biggest issue there is garbage. whatever project I plan to start there I will also generate garbage so my main focous is to find a way to accumulate material in a way it doesn’t interfer with my daily house tasks and let it accumulate until I have a good amount of it and can produce goods from it. I will stay here until June and I plan to keep all “trash” organized and clean using glass jars from tomato sauce and whater plastic bottles for keeping the shredded pastics I used from the products I buy for my diet. maybe its a crazy ideas but Its been 25 days so for and all looking good.


Please take a look at my profile and also to a post I’ve made.


Good luck in Berlin